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Every DAY is the SEASON and a REASON for an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE!!

Yesterday is History...Tomorrow is a Mystery...TODAY is a GIFT...which is why it is called...


Gratitude or appreciation is THE quickest and easiest way to raise our vibration from wherever we are on the Emotional Guidance Scale (See Resource Page) because there is ALWAYS, (no matter WHAT) SOMETHING to be grateful for!

It is THAT wonderful feeling in your body that is sending a message to the Universe stating that you are grateful for WHAT IS right NOW and asking for more reasons to feel that way. The Law of Attraction is lining that up for you in your future realty just like a radio tuned in and a radio station broadcasting that signal. YOU ARE A MATCH!

The trick is though, you can be SAYING all kinds of positive affirmations like “I am abundant, I am lovable and attracting my right and perfect mate to me NOW” but if your emotions.. (the FEELINGS in your body) are saying things like “NOT GOOD ENOUGH….and THAT will never happen” it is that EMOTION which is being broadcast. It is the FEELING in our body that sends the signal, so we need to get out of our heads and into our body and practice FEELING where we are on the Emotional Guidance Scale. When we are conscious about where our vibrational set point is at any given time and are aware THAT is what is creating our future, we can change what we are giving our attention to and change our vibration to one that is more in alignment with what we DO WANT instead of what we Don’t Want!

And that my friends is called the ART of DELIBERATE CREATION!!!

Till next time…Vibrate High


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