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In the early spring of 2001 I found myself on my couch one day, at my “emotional bottom.” I had just ended yet another relationship and my “dream job” as Cruise Director on the Inside Passage for BC Ferries had been canceled after corporate cutbacks. In retrospect I see it was the best thing that could have happened to me (both the end to the relationship and the job loss). I made a conscious decision to see these events as an opportunity to make some much-needed changes to ME, and things began to look up. Eligible for funding to go back to school, I soon found myself enrolled in a Tourism and Recreation Course at Malaspina College. It was my intention to start my own business and offer custom designed escorted trips on Vancouver Island and the Inside Passage that I so dearly loved to travel on.

A week after I began my tourism course, an event happened that would have a cataclysmic effect on tourism: 9/11!!!

After completing my first course project, titled “The Effects of Major Political Events on Tourism,” I was really angered by what I had learned. I was angry at the United States, at Mr. George Bush, the media, all of them, just really angry! I spent the better part of a year not only BEING angry, but also informing all of my friends and acquaintances about what was really going on politically while we were busy shopping at Wal-Mart and Costco! This was all coming from that ANGRY PLACE that I was in. Many were finding me not very fun to be around.

It was at that time that the UNIVERSE offered me a GIFT by “introducing me” to the Law of Attraction at a workshop I was at in Vancouver with Michael Lossier. I was blown away, and began to read all I could about this amazing way of thinking. I am a natural promoter and wanted to share it with EVERYONE I KNEW!

Some were receptive and some not. I found my circle of friends changing somewhat at the time and it was hard not to beat myself up for distancing myself from some to whom I had been really close. It soon became evident that we were just not a vibrational match anymore. This was not about right or wrong, good or bad, just a different experience that I was choosing in my life. The learning for me was not to judge or condemn anyone for where they were, but to just love them as they were and be more of who I was now becoming and liking.

As I got more and more into learning this new way of thinking, I began to realize that as I was PUSHING AGAINST what it was that I did not want, especially with the strong negative emotion of fear and anger, I was actually creating MORE OF IT!!

That was the hardest part of The Law of Attraction for me to wrap my brain around. I had to learn to let go of my political leanings and my desire to blame others for what I perceived they were doing wrong and messing up my world. I soon began to see that they really had no effect on my personal reality, if I did not give that part of them my attention or hand over my power to them.

I soon started to understand that the reason Mr. Bush was in the White House at all was because he was just doing his job!! Offering the people of the US clarification of what it was that they did NOT WANT, so they could make a different choice about it! I also began to understand that if I wanted to see changes happen in my world, they had to start with ME…not with anyone else. If we had removed George before mass consciousness changed, there would just be another George! Do you think we may be in the same place with Donald Trump today???? I was reminded of the words of Mahatma Gandhi:
“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

If there was going to be PEACE…if there was going to be JOY…if there was going to be ONENESS and SUSTAINABILITY…it HAD to start with ME!!

Soooo, here I am several years later, and during those years of personal revelation, I have been able to pursue further learning with the likes of Peak Potentials Training, The Path of the Warrior Sage, Unity Church (including the 4 T Prosperity Program), Marianne Williamson, The Dalai Lama, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Adam the Dreamhealer, Gary Zukav, Abraham-Hicks, the What the Bleep movie and teachers, and others. The promoter in me wanted to share all of this with EVERYONE I KNEW! I have since been asked to assist in workshops from many of the courses I have previously taken.

I have also been asked to give my own presentations. My commitment to this new path has evolved into speaking to larger and larger audiences, allowing me to grow (with the help of Toastmasters) into a confident and inspiring speaker.

As my own journey has progressed, I have moved into speaking from my personal experiences, and am on a mission to raise the vibration of the world to one which is based more in LOVE than Fear. I am doing this with passion, conviction and humour.

In March of 2006 I was introduced to a movie called “THE SECRET” (www.thesecret.tv) I was blown away the first time I saw it, and like Rhonda in the movie, I just wanted to share it with the world! I have been doing this and I know this movie IS changing the world!

It is my intention to write a children’s book which will teach youngsters that they can Be, Do and Have ANYTHING they wish, all they need to do is ASK, BELIEVE and ALLOW!

My wish is that some of the ideas that I am sharing on this site and in my workshops will resonate with you and that you will see value in them to use as a vehicle for your own journey in this co-creative process we are having here on planet earth.

In love and light
Ev Schmidt

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